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Impacts of online learning on the mental health of students

Covid pandemic has created a drastic change in the field of education. Even though education is of prior importance health comes utmost. So we are forced to transfer the same to our private space. Due to this dramatic change in the classroom atmosphere, not only the...

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Transformation of Educational System in an AI Era

AI learning systems offer a global learning process. Students can access their favourite courses from any part of the world irrespective of time. Technical errors are also solved through 24*7 assisted AI support systems. 24*7 AI response systems are available for...

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The Challenges Faced by AI Enabled Education System

One of the main drawbacks of traditional learning is individual comparison. Students are compared based on their grades. So AI systems have stunted this custom to a certain extent. Students can attend classes according to their convenient environment. They can attend...

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AI – The Virtual Tutor

Relevant resources can be made available to fill their learning gaps. This is an effective way for reducing time consumption. Students have to either search online or have to search for the availability of their professors for the same. As the tutors are also human,...

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How is AI Promising a personalized learning system?

AI can automate lots of activities in education. It's a doddle for AI to identify the needs of students and carve out personalized learning experiences for them. The challenges faced by tutors like individual course assessments to students are carried out with ease...

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