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Pandemic had created a digital revolution in the education industry. So if the pandemic ends, the education industry will be getting a new phase. Also, the current landscape will help the ed-techs to develop new products and improve the current learning experience for students. Investors are keen on ed-techs after this revolutionary change. 

Eupheus is focused on bringing 21st-century learning solutions from the global market to the Indian market for the youth of India. It provides an opportunity to prepare for the life ahead with the implementation of Artificial Intelligence in its approach. The tech-driven tools are integrated with the curriculum from Pre-K to 12th standard to provide valuable experience to students. It reinforces successful access to education throughout their school careers and professional life. In 2020, Eupheus raised US$4.3 million in Series A funding. It also provides curriculum e-books, materials, assessments, projects as well as tools made of Artificial Intelligence algorithms. There are multiple subjects like English, Mathematics, EVS, and many more. These are affiliated with state and central educational boards.

Practically, is one of the popular Artificial Intelligence in education startups, based in Hyderabad, that brings the learning experience in a practical mode. There is a self-learning app to score an A grade in classrooms with a better understanding of the concepts.  The ed-tech start-up believes in enabling a practical experience for students from class six to twelve while having engaging and interacting classes. There are more than 3.5 lakhs students enrolled in the start-up as well as over 18,000 teachers with a good profile. This start-up is trusted by more than 200 schools in India for its immersive video content. It provides an edge-of-the-seat experience with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality education at any place at any time for the students to continue learning.

Mindler is focused on providing counseling sessions to students who are concerned with their career decisions. It is well-known that the beginning of the career is most essential to enhance the standard of living. The decisions must be taken with utmost calculations and research. The ed-tech start-up utilizes Artificial Intelligence and machine learning with strategic human intervention to kickstart the careers of students. It has an aim to minimize human bias in the career decision-making process by leveraging cutting-edge technology and research. It provides career counseling from class 8 to graduates.

Counting Well, is a popular ed-tech start-up, based in Bengaluru, providing master maths from home in 20 minutes a day to interested students. It provides multiple fun learning mathematics classes from class 6 to 8 with a step-by-step personalized learning path. The students can receive personalized AI-based maths workout plans for a better understanding with minimal screen time. The Artificial Intelligence algorithms are designed to enhance the learning experience because the algorithms help to detect the appropriate skill level.

Jungroo Learning is a B2B SAAS-based EdTech start-up that helps educators and organizations understand and chart their student’s journey at a microscopic level through an AI-powered adaptive engine.

 Jungroo is like a GPS for educators: it locates the learner precisely and creates the shortest learning path to mastery for them. Their adaptive platform lets organizations create adaptive content or make their existing content adaptive.

Real Learning is focused on overcoming stressful evaluation cycles with the implementation of Artificial Intelligence for teachers across India. Artificial Intelligence has enabled digitized checking of handwritten answer sheets and generates promising insights for teachers as well as students. 

The evaluation insight provides concept level analysis, cognitive ability assessment as well as personalized performance reports. RealLearning holds the record of evaluating more than one million answers while saving over 3000 man-hours. 

It tries to disrupt assessments through digitization, automation as well as analytics. The sophisticated image recognition and AI techniques are used to automate evaluation for reducing book-keeping as well as operational hassles.

Embibe is a learning platform that runs a website and a mobile app and is being used by thousands of students. It is working on disrupting the education space because the personalized attention that the average student receives at even the best educational institutions is far from satisfactory. It collects data from students, charging only for advanced analysis and personalized learning recommendations. Students can actually improve test scores by fixing basic mistakes using its AI platform. 

Avishkaar is focused on creating an army of young innovators in Robotics and next-generation cutting-edge technologies. It provides a comprehensive platform to teach the students about modern skills such as coding, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, and many more. Around 1 lakh students use the kits and courses for a better understanding and more than 1500 schools across India are registered with Avishkaar. It has interactive courses for students from 5 years old to 15 years old. It has also set up Tinkering Labs in over 700 schools with its own equipment and solutions. There are monthly engagement activities, six subjects, training supports, events, and competitions.

Robokart has initiated supplementary training in multiple educational institutes to teach students about Robotics, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and so on for practical experience. The program is adopted by more than 1000 educational institutes in India with over 1 lakh students. It provides four courses for students from grades 1 to 8 with three options for coding. It helps the kids to understand design games, logical thinking, app creation, website making, coding languages as well as problem-solving techniques.

Smartail: It builds solutions to leverage AI for learning and grading for solving some of the pain points in the education segment. DeepGrade is an AI-powered platform that helps in identifying learning gaps and improving learning efficiency. DeepGrade can evaluate both handwritten and digital content.

Learning Matters: There are two main challenges in education that Learning Matters is solving – poor quality of education leading to dismal student learning outcomes and a huge shortage of qualified, trained teachers. Learning Matters provides comprehensive, scalable, and sustainable solutions to overcome both these challenges. 

Taghive: It is a Samsung-funded education technology company with headquarters in South Korea and an office in India. The company’s offerings include clicker-based classroom response systems and AI-powered self-assessment solutions. The company offers its clicker solution under the “Class Saathi” brand in India and under the “Class Key” brand elsewhere.