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Covid pandemic has created a drastic change in the field of education. Even though education is of prior importance health comes utmost. So we are forced to transfer the same to our private space. Due to this dramatic change in the classroom atmosphere, not only the students but also our teachers were forcing themselves to adapt to the scenario. Online education was only on an initial stage in many developing countries including India, but once the pandemic arrived the graphs show a steady rise. The online education market in India is poised to grow by 14.33 billion dollars. Last year the number of internet users in the rural areas outnumbered those in urban areas. Really it was an exotic task for students and teachers during its initial stage. So we can see that when this gala day came to an end in a jiffy, students and teachers worked pillar to post to convert it into a favorable one. So there comes the importance of Mental health of students and tutors.

The learning environment can have a huge impact on the mental health of tutors, students as well as on parents. Coping with these challenges is a hard row to hoe. Spending 8-10 hours a day on zoom or another e-learning platform like a working professional is not suitable for students. Lack of social interaction is a curse for online learning. Increased stress and anxiety are also other problems faced by students. As students are there at the home most of the time, parents also takes more effort to make the students understand the concept. Recent studies were conducted to know why this situation arise. According to Dr. Kannan Gireesh ( a well-known psychiatrist and founder of live life education) says students are lacking peer to peer learning. As they are at home they are not able to interact with other students. No social connections are developing as it’s an important part of life. Lower age groups are more affected by this.

In my home, I have found my nephews used to switch off the camera and mute the Mike till the class ends. The main reason for this is, the classes are monotonous. Apart from mental health, physical health is also affected. As they have to focus on a single monitor for long hours eye strain and headache will be developed. It’s noxious for their overall development. Students should attend classes full of enthusiasm. The word ‘school memories’ will become exotic for them. According to a survey conducted by Gallup among parents nearly 3 in 10 parents said their children are facing mental anxiety and depression. Learning is not just a commitment to textbooks. It’s far away from this approach.

Well when we talk about the impacts of mental health on online learning, it’s time to think about taking remedial measures. As the future of education depends completely on online. It’s essential to think about it the most appropriate way. Improved interaction can bring changes. Interaction with teachers doesn’t mean discussing mathematics formulas and physics alone, it should include casual talks too. Teachers should help students to overcome mental anxiety and other stresses. Designated study space is important for learning. This can reduce other distractions. But it should not make them feel affected by the classroom atmosphere. Also, we should make more holistic approaches and interactive sessions to help our students keep engaged. Interaction can break monotony to a greater extent. Parents should engage effectively with students. Parents can support them by interacting with students more freely, they should take the place of friends by actively involving in different activities with their children. They should encourage students to practise healthy habits like yoga that can improve both their physical as well as mental strengths. Energy levels can be increased through this. Breaks should be given after regular intervals. This can give relaxation to students. Schools should take initiative8.  to provide some special sessions to students for co-curricular activities. Online music, dance, yoga, mind relaxing games can be included in this session. This all can be gained with an external influence, but the one that is of prime importance is to learn how to self-care? Even though we gain external force it’s our duty the fire from inside. So students should be given ideas on how to stay self-motivated and self-care. Both parents and teachers should help students with this. Also, they can seek advice from medical experts too.