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The advancement in AI opens doors to new possibilities and challenges in the higher educational sector.AI provides higher educational services at an extraordinary speed. The future of higher education is in the hands of AI. Higher education is intrinsically linked with modern technologies. AI encourages flexible learning solutions without any limitations. Universities around the world are competing against each other to bring out the latest trends in AI to their students. 

The implementation of AI in education has already proven that it is advantageous over traditional learning. Most of the countries have already implemented AI in the educational sector successfully. But India is only at a preliminary level in AL-enabled education. Universities have a particular interest in acquiring the best tools, technologies, and talents to assure the success of the establishment of higher learning. So AI paved the way for implementing the same. 

Starting from the recruiting and enrollment process, till the convocation AI can carry out the tasks in the most convenient way. Choosing the higher education course always puts students in a dilemma. AI made the system easier and more flexible. AI-enabled systems can understand the student’s interests and can suggest the course accordingly. They track the student’s interaction with social media and other institutional websites and then conclude.

Enrollment assessment platforms are made available for educational institutions. These platforms assist schools or colleges in different tasks which include assessment of applications, campus environment, and students’ mindset.

Machine learning software assists students in various ways. Some applications can even schedule courses automatically, while some can recommend major courses and career paths. Accurate assessments of students are possible through AI-enabled software systems. Weaker areas of students can be easily understood and cleared with the help of 24*7 available AI-assisted¬† e- tutors. The main advantage of an AI-enabled system is that it can provide personalized learning. Students living in any part of the world can choose any course from universities all over the world. Real-time assessment and reviewing of the course are possible through AI. Especially when it comes to higher education things are complex. It’s a must for students to understand concepts and learn the subjects. Because most of the concepts will be used in their workplace in the future.¬†

One of the crazy things that happened related to AI was at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Most of the students in the Georgia Institute of Technology were unaware that their tutor Jill Watson wasn’t human. Jill was a digital entity that answers repeated queries.

The study conducted by various organizations concludes that the future of AI in higher education is negligible, but the main challenge is regarding the investment in terms of funding. AI makes regular classes obsolete and is replaced with a set of new practical solutions. Training will also be required for staff outside of IT teams who must be brought up to speed in the use of data and AI tools.