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AI can automate lots of activities in education.

It’s a doddle for AI to identify the needs of students and carve out personalized learning experiences for them. The challenges faced by tutors like individual course assessments to students are carried out with ease with the help of AI. So to a certain extent, a big headache for tutors has been reduced.AI has created a drastic up-gradation in the field of education. 

Assigning grades to students based on their performance either in an examination or in an assignment submitted by them is the process of grading. A transparent process is carried out through manual grading, But the main drawback of manual grading is the time consumption. So to avoid such circumstances, software developers came up with a solution i.e. Automatic paper graders. The quality of grading is nowhere compromised here. This software helps to check the assignment papers quickly with high efficiency and assign grades to them. The main advantage of AI-based paper graders is that the tutors can concentrate on learning activities inside the classroom rather than time-consuming grading procedures

Adaptive learning is possible through AI. The courses and subjects are recommended based on the interests of students. Tutors can handle students with ease.AI have a huge impact on personalized learning. Personalized learning through AI means focussing on training students according to an individual’s specific needs. As we know different levels of students work in the same classroom a tailored custom machine-assisted solution is needed for offering help and support. The pace of learning and preferences of students can be adjusted according to the needs of learners through AI-assisted online learning classrooms. Delivering personalized learning can help in improving the engagement of learners and can also boost the outcome.