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Relevant resources can be made available to fill their learning gaps. This is an effective way for reducing time consumption. Students have to either search online or have to search for the availability of their professors for the same. As the tutors are also human, mistakes may happen. Also, students should have some mental connection with tutors. If this lost misconception and confusion may arise on subject topics. This gap can be filled with AI-assisted eLearning platforms. Also, massive responses need individual assessments too. So E-learning platforms can give alerts to teachers regarding the wrong submission of answers by the students. Students can get responses automatedly without waiting for their professors’ answers. This helps in building conceptual foundations among students. 

The arrival of virtual tutors changed the perspective of teaching. They changed the role of teachers in education. Intelligent computing systems paved the way for this. Administrative duties are carried out in the most simplified way. So teachers can concentrate more on classroom activities. The arrival of e-learning platforms changed the role of teachers from teaching to a facilitator. Faster responses are given by Virtual tutors. From basic mathematics to unclear topics, virtual tutors are ready to give 24*7 assistance irrespective of place. Also, they can closely monitor the progress of students individually. AI can assist students who are struggling by providing human interaction.

AI-driven software can monitor students and alert professors regarding their performance. AI can not only enable personalized learning but can also provide helpful feedback to educators. As the student’s performance is monitored, they can point out the areas where students need improvement. Lots of students are struggling due to their unawareness of basic concepts. So these kinds of AI systems can give the support they need. 

eLearning software is Upgrading with the latest technologies. So even the latest advancement in the respective research area will be available for them. Also, AI systems have become an exposure for students to get experienced with the latest technological evolution