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The covid 19 outbreak has created an unprecedented opportunity for the education sector worldwide. When the students and teachers heard about the online classrooms first they were in a dilemma. But now to an extent, this situation has changed with the rise of ed-tech startups. Commencement of regular class has now become a daydream. This pandemic has created a huge impact on the educational sectors of both developed as well as developing countries. A paradigm shift has occurred to the traditional educational system in India too. A lot of ed-tech startups got established in India last year. As the lockdown was announced in March 2020 the educational sector was stunned. Online learning was only the way to proceed then. This brought the spotlight to Indian ed-tech industries. In FY 2020-21 ed-tech industries showed meteoric growth. A massive flow of investments was seen in the ed-tech industries. The crisis was effectively turned into an ocean of opportunities by them.

The National Educational Policy recognized the role of technology in the educational sector. The Ministry of Human Resources and Development offered a policy impetus to the ed-tech sector for the FY 2020-21. They also envisaged the establishment of an autonomous body called the National Educational Technology forum. 

It is essential for students to continue the learning process at home efficiently and effectively. Artificial Intelligence models are helping them to learn new things in multiple interactive ways at home. The ed-tech start-ups are helping the rural students as well who lack proper facilities to achieve milestones.

Eupheus, Mindler, counting well, Aavishkaar are some of the startups in India. These startups witnessed a huge flow of funding and stakeholders. The impression of these startups was so massive last year. This pandemic has given a booster to India’s digital revolution in the educational sector. Edtech created equality through online education. Students in rural, as well as urban, are able to receive the same content irrespective of caste, creed, and religion. To support Online education and promote the same Government has also taken many initiatives. The Ministry of Education has launched several programs like Skill India, SWAYAM, SANKALP, STRIVE, DIKSHA, and National Digital Library to boost up the ed-tech startups. 

Pandemic had created a digital revolution in the education industry. So if the pandemic ends, the education industry will be getting a new phase. Also, the current landscape will help the ed-techs to develop new products and improve the current learning experience for students. Investors are keen on ed-techs after this revolutionary change.