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AI has made a revolutionary change in the world. When it comes to the field of education, from task automation to personalized learning, AI has been modernizing the teaching and learning systems for the past few years. The traditional learning system is entirely different from online learning. AI is meant for updating and modernizing the traditional educational system, it’s not about the replacement of the same. It’s not possible to apply AI in a jiffy.

AI can help educators to better understand their students’ needs. Running administrative works also became easier through AI. Paperworks got reduced to a certain extent. Educators spend an elephant share on administrative works. Conducting examinations and grading needs huge amounts of time. Technology can be effectively used for this purpose. Many software providers have come with a solution for this. Proper classification and grading can be done using certain software. This helps educators to spend more time with the students.

AI helps in eliminating boundaries. As this is a global process, students all over the world can access the same course. One of the main barriers was language. AI has made a drastic transition. People across the globe can access their respective courses from wherever they are. In traditional learning, it was a pillar to post tasks for teachers to make students of different languages understand the topic. But now it has become easier.

Convenient learning is possible through AI. Educational software can be updated and adapted according to the needs of students. Individual strategy fixation for each student can be done. Traditional learning processes lack this. In a class of 45 – 50 students, teachers will not be able to do the same. AI customizes examinations ensuring that the students are able to get personal assistance. Challenges faced by students during their studies can be erased completely. AI apps for learning have included separate sessions for this purpose. Instant feedback support is playing extremely an incredible role in this process.

Time is the most valuable possession of man. So in this busy world, it’s not easy to consume the same.AI optimizes the routine processes and enhances the speed and it also provides better accuracy. Efficiency is also too high. The implementation of exam software helps in conducting exams fastly and also to publish the results on the same day. Correction works are undertaken by the software with high accuracy. Tiredness and fatigue are not a matter for software.

AI-powered platforms help to access digital textbooks from any device, across the globe. So the students who are not able to attend the classes can gain through this. AI made traditional textbook contents broken into interactive sessions. Educators can customize the contents according to their convenience.

Real-time monitoring helps students to clear their doubts with the help of AI-powered virtual tutors. Freshly brewed content is received by students.AI powered classrooms are really a visual treat for students. It helps them to understand the subject easily. High-resolution images are included for this purpose.

24/7 assistance of virtual tutors or chatbots helps students to learn the subjects irrespective of time. Else students have to wait for the availability of their professors/teachers to clear a doubt. AI chatbots are available 24/7 for assisting students.

AI is dominating the educational sector. It’s on an initial stage in many developing countries, soon it’s going to capture the education industry across the globe. AI can help in providing quality education that can nurture student capabilities. A big misconception has been developed among the people that AI may replace humans in the future, but actually, it’s going to become a huge support system for the current educational system.